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B litter is born

We're so grateful to have got six healthy and strong puppies after our own Lady and Shantie (C.I.B No Ch Dk Ch Poulsgaards Hot Shot) from our good friends in Lillevolden Kennel.

On 14. September 2020 the B litter was finally born. The puppies were born in the evening this time, and we got both sable and tricolor puppies. 3 males and 3 females.

Birth weights:

Male dog (tricolor): 165g

Female (sable): 240g

Female (sable): 260g

Male dog (sable) 235g

Female (tricolor): 190g

Male dog (tricolor): 265g

We look forward to be following these puppies further in life.

Lady is a good mother with her second litter.


svart Bakgrunn
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